San Clemente Times: Bodyrok San Clemente Looks to Be ‘Pilates 2.0’

Fitness enthusiasts Carleigh and Scott Krass look to take Pilates workouts in San Clemente to the next level with the recent opening of Bodyrok, a studio with a nightclub vibe.

Bodyrok sessions are high-intensity and low-impact, using fast transitions between exercises to speed up a full workout from an hour to 45 minutes. Thus, they create more time in the day to squeeze in exercise.

Carleigh, who has been a certified Pilates trainer for six years, told San Clemente Times that most aspects of Pilates remain, in that the sets are done on a reformer machine and utilize spring-based tension. She equates the core-focused Bodyrok to “Pilates 2.0.”

“It’s for someone that really wants to go get a fast-paced workout, but still not injure yourself, not do a bunch of weight,” she said.

Scott added that Bodyrok has been helpful even for someone like him who has lifted weights “like a Neanderthal” since he was 15 years old. He said he has started to experience pain in numerous areas across his body, but he intensely wants to remain active.

The classes include colorful lights and loud music to help the sessions fly by for clients. Additionally, instructors explain what the next exercise or move will be 30 seconds ahead of time, so everyone can quickly transition.

Along with her husband, Carleigh decided to make her lifelong dream of owning a studio come to fruition around mid-2022. She took a couple classes and fell in love with the Bodyrok method, and the mesh between the couple’s friendly, outgoing personalities and timing made the franchising opportunity work.

Carleigh added that Bodyrok, with locations in metropolitan cities such as San Diego, San Francisco, Nashville and New York, had its plans to expand further paused by the pandemic.

With San Diego County at capacity, the Carlsbad-based couple looked north to open Orange County’s first location.

Bodyrok San Clemente owners Carleigh and Scott Krass have plenty of means to bring a fun atmosphere to Pilates workouts. Photos: C. Jayden Smith

“We love San Clemente,” Carleigh said. “We’ve camped here for years; we always go to the campground every summer and multiple times throughout the year, so it’s a special place for us.”

Scott also said that the town’s fitness-focused population made for a solid client base.

The new venture is also their first experience in owning a small business, and Scott described the research process and transforming the studio from what used to be a dry cleaner as a “labor of love.”

From July 2022 to opening day on Dec. 1, they spent countless nights installing floors and baseboards, painting, and decorating to get the place ready, with the occasional help from contractors. Bodyrok’s ribbon-cutting with the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce and city officials occurred on Nov. 4.

In terms of the connections Carleigh wants her clients to have with her and each other, she said she intends for there to be a community feel within Bodyrok. She pointed to the seating area set up in the back of the studio as an example of her goal.

“This is why we have this area right here,” Carleigh said. “We want all of our members to feel like family. They should want to come to work out.”

She added that a significant number of people have already gravitated toward one another to chat before and after classes, and that everyone who comes in has been friendly.

Another example of the community growing has been the Krasses’ friends promoting their business to other friends and family, fostering the “second home” feeling Carleigh wants Bodyrok to provide.

Scott also mentioned that on New Year’s Eve, about 15 people stayed after the last class at 10 a.m. for mimosas and cookies.

“That’s the vibe we’re trying to go for,” he said.

Word of mouth and organic clientele growth have been huge for the couple during Bodyrok’s early stages, Carleigh said. They’ve spent time in the community representing their business at local farmers markets and events such as the Dana Point Turkey Trot, but a significant contribution has come from friends spreading the word.

The two have also been able to laugh about the growing pains they have faced in owning and growing their first business, such as Scott’s understanding of using Instagram.

“I’m like a chimpanzee with a typewriter,” he said. “I just embarrassed myself, posting the worst things … but we’re getting there, little by little.”

They also hope to open two more South Orange County locations in the next two years if the San Clemente studio becomes a success.

Classes are seven days a week with times throughout the day, except for the late morning and early afternoon. The workouts also rotate so that people won’t ever do the same one twice in a week, and a new group of workouts occurs every month.

Article originally published by San Clemente. Full article here

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