Not just another gym franchise: BODYROK is a unique investment opportunity

If you’re searching for the best gym franchise to own, you’ve probably realized just how many different types of fitness franchises there are, and that many of them feel so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart. If you’re looking for something different to invest in, then it’s time to explore boutique fitness concepts like Pilates. Even in this genre, you’ll find that not all studios are created equal. Enter BODYROK, a next-level Pilates experience that stands apart from the rest of the category. We sat down with BODYROK founders Jake and Tina Irion to find out more about this unique Pilates franchise opportunity.

How did BODYROK get started?

Jake grew up playing sports and being active. He sustained several injuries that made him unable to continue with favorite activities like basketball. Despite this, he kept on going to the gym and doing the same fitness routine, even though he no longer enjoyed the experience. When Jake met Tina, she was living in Los Angeles. Their shared interest in fitness led them to try out some of the group exercise class offerings that were unique to California at the time.

Tina took Jake to his first Pilates class, and he was surprised at the great workout he got from this low-impact exercise. He found the class interesting and fun, enjoying the immersive experience that included music and enthusiastic instructors. Jake and Tina decided that, together, they could start their own boutique Pilates studio. And BODYROK was born.

What exactly is a boutique fitness studio?

Unlike a traditional gym franchise that has a variety of cardio equipment and weights, a boutique fitness studio focuses on a specific type of exercise. Group fitness classes are led by enthusiastic instructors, and smaller class sizes help members connect with the instructor and each other. The overall experience at a boutique fitness studio is more personalized, and members are willing to pay a premium for this type of workout.

What makes BODYROK different?

BODYROK offers an elevated Pilates experience that includes lights, music, and proprietary, high-tech equipment. It’s a full body workout in just 45 minutes that engages all the senses. Jake and Tina’s vision is to give members one hour of their day where they can “check out” mentally and just focus on themselves and getting a great workout. Every BODYROK studio strives to make sure their class is the best part of a member’s day, bringing positive energy and promoting health in the communities they serve. “Being able to change people’s lives for the better — including our franchisees — it’s been really fun,” says Jake.

From a financial standpoint, the initial investment range for BODYROK is $204,250 to $655,500, including the $40,000 franchise fee. This makes BODYROK a lower cost franchise opportunity as compared to others in the category.

How safe is investing in a boutique fitness concept after the pandemic?

Even though COVID-19 gave us many options when it comes to working out at home, people are overwhelmingly returning to boutique fitness, making the concept a good bet for the future. There’s no substitute for the feeling that you get for working out in person. As Jake says, “The immersive experience that you have with people and the instructor is why people come. You don’t get that at home.”

What does it take to own a BODYROK franchise?

BODYROK is looking for people that want more than just a strong business — they want to share their love of fitness with others. The ideal ownership candidate is outgoing, likeable and fun to be around, because building relationships with clients and the community is an important part of being a BODYROK Franchise Owner. You should also have a history of being successful in business, and be ready to work hard and commit to building your studio. Financially, you should have a net worth of at least $300K and $100K in liquid capital.

How do I get started?

Now is a great time to get in on BODYROK. They’re growing strong, with territories available across the U.S. and a long-term plan for expansion that’s proving to be successful. And right now, you can save more when you invest more: Open three units for a total franchise fee of $60,000. You’ll receive amazing support throughout your franchise journey, including training, marketing materials, and access to proprietary equipment that’s backed by an ongoing maintenance program.

BODYROK is committed to helping their Franchise Owners grow their business. “There’s nothing that makes me happier than getting my monthly sales reports from people and seeing the enthusiasm behind the numbers and the things that they’re doing,” says Jake.

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